Detailed Grocery List

no more guessing on how much to buy. it's all in the list.

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    Details Are Crucial

    Expensive packaged meals that diet companies offer are packed with sodium and preservatives that deteriorate your health. Point systems make general assumptions about you that are incorrect and do not work. Take control of what you put in your body with the KNOWLEDGE and guidance that FitnessVT provides.

    • Specific foods detailed in a grocery list that you can easily follow to make your trip to the grocery store quick, easy and healhty.
    • Specific amounts down to the tablespoon and ounce that allow you to plan your week, customized for you without relying on a generic point system.
    • Fresh, natural basic foods that you buy and prepare yourself without relying on mass-prepared, sodium and preservative filled packaged meals.

    Wait No Longer! Take advantage of this revloutionizing system that uses science to match a meal plan that is PERFECT FOR YOU.

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