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- Are you a TRUE athlete?

- Do you train with determination, dedication, and maximum effort?

- Do you push yourself harder and longer than the person next to you?

If you answer yes to these questions then FitnessVT is perfectly fashioned just for you. As a true athlete you expect more than what your mind and body want to give. You take things to another level every minute, every second. You have never said the word "can't" or "quit". It's just not in your vocabulary.

At your level, one extra repetition in the gym, one extra second faster than your best time, one extra inch further on the field means winning or losing. You need an edge. Your body is a fine-tuned race car and you do not want low grade fuel into its gas tank. For that extra edge to get that extra repetition, go one second faster, and one inch further you need the most optimal fuel. You need the best pit crew in the game to get you fueled up properly. FitnessVT is what you are looking for. There is nothing more important than proper nutrition. This is your edge. Take it.


Need To Cut Weight?

9 Reasons to Choose FitnessVT for your Weight Cut

  • 1Increase your performance while losing weight
  • 2Concentrate on the fight ... NOT the cut
  • 3Feel great ... Even the week of the fight
  • 4Perfectly load your body for the fight
  • 5Feel light ,but strong the day of your fight
  • 6Peak out the day of your fight
  • 7Perfect your fuel like you perfect your technique
  • 8Use the right fuel at the right time
  • 9Take the guess work out of cutting weight

Quick Note from George Lockhart

So many times I have seen it. Fighters give their heart and soul in training, only to settle for coming into a fight at a sub-par self because of an incorrect weight cut. When going to top level gyms you will never hear the expression "that is good enough." When referring to heart, technique, or game plan, the only thing acceptable is perfection. Unfortunately, this is not always the case when it comes to nutrition. No, nutrition will not perfect your technique, but it will give you the recovery and energy to keep trying. If you looked at bodies like cars you would consider athletes the Ferrari of the genome. What sense does it make to put average fuel into an above average machine?

So why us? For the first time ever there is science applied with experience. FitnessVT has worked with hundreds of fighters and other professional athletes. Jon Jones, Aaron Simpson, Brian Stann, Kenny Florian, Dustin Poirier, Rory Macdonald, just to name a few. A lot of these fighters not only made weight ,but they dropped an entire weight class and felt stronger, faster,and more technically sound. When getting ready for a fight what you need to concentrate on is the fight, not making weight. When you work with FitnessVT you take all the stress out of the cut allowing you to think of what you need.

We are the UFC of the weight cutting business. No body comes close ... PERIOD

When thinking of a cut most people think it's over as soon as you step off the scale; for us that's when the real science begins. Some fighters want to get as big as possible after the cut, making them slow and lethargic. Some will cut so much and don't rehydrate properly so they actually enter the cage dehydrated. With us everything has to be perfect!! The temperature of the water, the amount of glycogen you need to re-fuel without overloading, the amount of water, the electrolytes, etc..

Considering the amount of time spent in the gym it is amateurish to accept risk by guessing what you need. You have a stand-up coach and ground coach, to think you do not not need someone specialized in giving your body the correct fuel it needs for the most important moment of your camp is just wishful thinking.

So, join the Elite and don't let sub-par nutrition stand between you and greatness.