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    FitnessVT does not work
    against the human body, it
    works with the human body.
    FitnessVT does not work with any
    unnatural substances or chemicals.
    Our bodies are literally the most precise and efficient systems that we will ever know. The complexity from our brains to our blood vessels is astounding but similar to any other biological system we have to nourish them properly so they flourish. We do not need processed foods or unnatural chemicals. Our bodies do not need three large meals each day, overstuffing ourselves at specific times and feeling starved at other times. Understanding what our bodies need and when our bodies need it is the first step to working with our bodies not against them.

    FitnessVT works with complex set of
    algorithms that account for
    everything the human body truly
    needs. It is pure science. No
    assumptions. Proven results
    through years of research and development at the highest levels of elite, professional athletics. FitnessVT does not cut your calories, it gives you the calories you need when you need them. You do not need to starve yourself because at FitnessVT you don’t eat less, you eat right.

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    FitnessVT does not work like
    a diet. FitnessVT is a nutrition
    plan that will change your life,
    extend your life and enhance your
    life. Most current diets are based
    on the "calorie in, calorie out" theory. These diets provide the body less than it needs, leaving you hungry and bringing you to a point where you crash, whether from feeling exhausted or by binge eating. FitnessVT does not try to produce short term results with long term side effects like diets that eliminate carbohydrates but increase your intake of high saturated fats.

    FitnessVT works with the human
    body’s natural chemical plant
    which is the most efficient and
    effective chemical plant we will
    ever know. Most popular
    diets do not address the real problems that lead to overeating and obesity: the instability in an individual’s hormone levels. There are four essential hormones that are involved: insulin, leptin, cortisol and ghrelin. These hormones control your metabolism, energy levels, your mood and your hunger. You do not need any other chemicals in the plant i.e., your body. To control and balance these hormones all you need is to have the right nourishment at the right times. The nourishment comes directly from the macronutrients you absorb from the foods you eat and the water you drink. FitnessVT provides you with a daily nutrition plan that will keep you balanced.

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    FitnessVT does not work
    unless you work. There is no
    "Magic" pill to take that will turn
    you into a greek god. The
    FitnessVT plan is a lifestyle that
    changes the way you think about food and health.

    FitnessVT works with a schedule of
    your daily activities to give your
    body nourishment when it is truly
    needed. Just as important as
    what we eat is when we eat.
    There are many fallacies regarding this important aspect. Eating three large meals per day without any snacks in between, taking protein supplements after a strenuous workout, not eating after or before a certain time and many others. We have all heard the generalities but one size does not fit all. As you input your daily activities into the FitnessVT system, FitnessVT’s algorithms will compute the specific times that your body needs nourishment. There are specific windows of time that your body can optimally process certain foods. These small windows are crucial to working with your body not against it.

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