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The TOP 10 Keys To A Successful and Healthy Lifestyle

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  • Personalized Nutrition

    Everyone's body and goals are not going to be the same, so why is it that most nutritional plans are? Introducing the revloutionizing system that uses science to match a meal plan that is PERFECT for YOU!

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  • Track Your Performance

    One of FitnessVT's rules for success is; "Measure everything of signifigance". It's a simple truth. Anything that is tracked and measured, improves. We track everything about you, so you WILL SUCCEED.

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  • Message Center

    The Messaging Center is a private message platform that allows you access to personally communicate with George Lockhart. You are getting your own personal nutritionist at these CRAZY LOW PRICES.

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  • Goal Setting

    Setting goals is one of the most crucial parts of being successful. Whether you are wanting to gain weight, lose weight, cut weight or maximize performance, creating and tracking your goals are MADE SIMPLE.

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  • Detailed Grocery List

    Tired of half your fresh food going to waiste? With our grocery list feature you will never buy too much or too little. Not only will you know what to buy, but exactly how much of it ... TO THE OUNCE.

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  • Supplementation

    We take all the guess work out of the what, when and how much to take. Based on your work out time, duration and intensity, our system will custom fit a supplementation plan that's RIGHT FOR YOU.

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